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History of currency Exchange?
All western histories of currency stem directly from China with their invention of the first paper banknotes appearing in China about 806 AD however this was military script. The Chinese, labelled the currency "Flying Money" loosely translated.  The use of the "Flying Money" currency was between 1000 AD to 1450 AD  or about 300 years.
The Song Dynasty was the very first government issue of true paper money in 1023, in a limited manner, and good for a specific time period. The notes would be redeemed after three year's, to be replaced by new notes for a 3% charge by the government. Massive trade often occured before expire of a specific term to avoid paying the 3% levy by the govenrment.

Marco Polo was impressed by the efficiency of the Chinese system, as he chronicles in his The Travels of Marco Polo (Il Milione).


How much should I expect to get in Exchange for my Currency?

    The valuation of any currency requires anti conterfiting equipment, a black light and simple examination to determine the value we would relish the opportunity to assess your currency and pay you fair market price for it, give us a call...  
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  No strings,  No tricks, just a FAIR DEAL !! We pay you in Cash, No Checks. Centrally located in Pinellas County FL. serving the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater FL. Call the professionals in business for 15 years at 727-278-0280.
Euro, Francs & Pounds
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