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CA$H for Pearls BUYERS St. Pete FL
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Cash for pearl jewelry in st Pete
 CA$H for Pearls Buyer St. Pete
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Cash for Pearl jewelry store in st Pete FL
Pearl jewelry store in st Pete FL
who buys pearl jewelry in st pete fl
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We are offering cash for Pearl jewelry. Cultured pearls are the most popular pearls today this is what you see when you go to any retail jewelry store. Natural pearls are extremely rare; natural pearls are a product of nature and cultured pearls are a produced by science.
Pearl Detection?
Imitation pearls are simulated to look like pearls and are not produced in a mollusk. Many are glass, plastic, or shell beads and are lacquered with pearl escence. The easiest way to detect a fake pearl is to lightly rub your pearl on the enameul of your front tooth if its gritty, its real, other wise you have a fake.  We do not recommend this action for you please leave the detection process to us.
How much should I expect to get for my pearls?
Considering you were not compromised by the sales person who helped you purchase!  We believe you need not spend a fortune on quality pearls they are mass produced and available at fine jewelers everywhere.  Vintage or antique pearls are very disireable we would relish the opportunity to purchase your entire estate pearls. There is no industry grading system for pearls.  Many pearls are graded in a color scale of A, AA, AAA and in regards to luster and overall quality grades the following scales are poor, fair, medium, high, very high and exceptional.  Remember these are scientifically created and engineered to look perfect. Size, shape, luster, texture, smoothness and overall apeal in matching the strand and or setting is key. 
Free Appraisals
 No strings, No tricks, just a FAIR DEAL !! We offer FREE APPRAISALS and pay you cash instantly. Centrally located in Pinellas County FL. serving the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater FL. areas. Call the professionals in business for 15 years at 727-278-0280.
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Call Now.. 727-278-0280 Located @ 5000 Park Blvd. 33781